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Smaller Ship Cruise Information - Essential Travel Information

Are you wondering which travel documents you need to bring on board with you? Do you want to know whether there’s on board Wi-Fi so you can stay in touch with your friends and family back home?

All of this information and much more can be found on our Travel Information page, which has been created to provide you with everything you need to know for a memorable and care-free cruise holiday with Fred. Olsen.

Baggage Handling

Your luggage allowance will vary depending on the type of cruise you have booked. Cruises from UK ports offer a generous 90kgs of luggage, allowing plenty of room for formal night suits and cocktail dresses, and all those other essential cruise holiday items.

When joining your cruise ship in a UK port; for safety and security reasons: breakable items, valuables, jewellery, laptops & iPads/tablets and medicines should be packed in your hand luggage, not in your suitcase and kept with you at all times.

Your arrival

When sailing from a UK port, boarding generally starts from around 2pm – but do check your final cruise documentation for your allocated check-in time. If you arrive before your stated time you may not be able to access the cruise terminal.

Your luggage and security

When you arrive at the cruise terminal, you’ll be directed to the luggage drop-off area. Porters will take your bags through customs and immigration for you and they’ll be delivered to your room later. All you need to do is complete and firmly fix the luggage labels we send you to all your bags. (Luggage without labels can’t be accepted for security reasons, so please make sure they’re on before you leave!).

Checking you in

Check your cruise ticket, it will advise when and where you need to be to check-in - it’s usually no later than an hour before you sail at the latest. You’ll just need your ticket, passport and insurance documents (you must have your insurance documents in order to board). You will be given your ship’s pass and boarding card. Then, you can just sit back in the Cruise Terminal Lounge until you’re called to board your cruise ship.

Your boarding

The start of your cruise will be captured with our professional photographer. Then you will board deck by deck. A final security check, and you’re away!

Going to the USA

You’ll need to complete an online Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA)


Let us ensure a stress-free end to your cruise journey.


Prior to disembarking your cruise ship, and to help with the smooth clearance of luggage, it is compulsory that the coloured baggage labels provided with your travel documents are completed and firmly fixed to your luggage.

It is also requested that your luggage is placed outside your room door on the final night of your cruise holiday. Your luggage will be transferred to the cruise terminal for you.It is asked that you adhere to this request as this process helps to reduce unnecessary obstruction of the corridors on the day of disembarkation, enabling you to disembark the cruise ship with ease when your deck is called. You will then collect your luggage from the relevant area of the cruise terminal.


Disembarkation in the UK at cruise end is generally after breakfast on the last morning of your cruise and completed by 0930hrs. You will be informed via the ship’s PA system when it is your turn to disembark, deck by deck. Once your deck has been called you may leave the ship, collect your baggage and continue your homeward journey.

However, disembarkation will be earlier when the vessel needs to reposition to another port in order to commence its next sailing.

See you Soon

Although you may have disembarked, Fred. Olsen Cruise Line hope to see you very soon aboard another cruise. Whilst on board you can book your next cruise with the Future Cruise Team and, as you'll qualify for Oceans membership after your first cruise, you will also be entitled to a 5% discount for any future cruise bookings.

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